Bankruptcy News

Bankruptcy News 2013/06/28

Mercantile Bancorp Files for Bankruptcy to Sell Assets
The company, based in Quincy, Illinois, listed debt of more than $50 million and assets of less than $50 million in Chapter 11 documents filed today in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Wilmington, Delaware. Mercantile was forced to seek bankruptcy protection …
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Atlus Parent Company Investigated For Fraud, Files For Bankruptcy
Japanese video game developer and publisher Atlus could be in trouble after its parent company is accused of fraud and files for bankruptcy. Bad news for fans of Japanese roleplaying games in the West. Atlus, the video game publisher behind titles like …
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Chesrown files for bankruptcy protection
Coeur d’Alene Press
COEUR d’ALENE – Marshall Chesrown filed for protection against $72 million in debts last month, and he is expected to appear in a southern Florida federal bankruptcy court Monday. According to court filings, Chesrown still takes …
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Atlus Parent Company Files Bankruptcy
Atlus parent company, Index Corporation, has filed for civil rehabilitation proceedings, the Japanese equivalent to bankruptcy in the US, according to CNET Japan. The company owes owes ¥24.5 billion ($249 million) after several acquisitions went south.
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Atlus Parent Index Corp. Files Bankruptcy, Seeks Partners for Recovery
Crunchyroll News
The Civil Rehabilitation Law was introduced in April 2000, replacing the Composition Law. The Civil Rehabilitation Law may be applied to all corporations and individuals, including joint stock companies, limited liability companies, medical …
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US agency files civil charges against Corzine over 2011 failure of brokerage …
Corzine stepped down as MF Global chief in November 2011, a few days after the firm filed for bankruptcy protection. Three reports on MF Global’s collapse, by a House panel and two court-appointed trustees, placed most of the blame on Corzine. It said …
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Persona Developer’s Parent Company Files For Bankruptcy
The Escapist
Index Holdings, the company that owns Atlus, creator of Persona, Catherine and Shin Megami Tensei among many other titles, has filed for civil rehabilitation – a form of bankruptcy – following allegations of fraud and bad debt. Ochiai Yoshimi, director …
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Mercantile Bancorp files for bankruptcy, Quincy bank to be sold
Quincy-based Mercantile Bank is set to be sold by the end of this year, bank officials announced Thursday. “We are proud to announce that we have a purchase agreement for Mercantile Bank,” said Philip Krupps, Senior Officer for Chatham, Illinois-based …
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Atlus Parent Company Index Corporation Files for Bankruptcy
Despite the success of the Atlus brand, which is responsible for tons of RPGs like the Persona franchise, Index Corporation has reportedly filed for government-managed rehabilitation – which in Japan means they’ve gone for bankruptcy with CEO/president …
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Atlus’ Parent Company Files For Bankruptcy
Index Corporation, the company that owns Atlus, has begun civil rehabilitation procedures in Japan. That’s a fancy way of saying that the company is filing for bankruptcy (thanks, Hachima), owing to 2.45 billion yen in outstanding debt and less than …
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Regional news: Wind firm files for
Sioux Falls Argus Leader
Business Journal Latest News. Zoom. More. Renewable Energy SD, a seller of wind energy equipment that has been sued by the Minnesota attorney general’s office, farmers and suppliers, has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Read more at
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Parent company of publisher Atlus files for government-assisted reorganization
Persona publisher Atlus faces an uncertain future as its parent company, Index, files for the Japanese equivalent of bankruptcy protection. Index owes creditors $224 million after a series of acquisitions didn’t pan out, according to CNET. The company …
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CFTC files charges against Corzine over MF Global failure
Financial News
The Commodity Futures Trading Commission on Thursday filed charges against former MF Global chief executive Jon Corzine over the collapse of the US derivatives brokerage into bankruptcy two years ago, accusing him of having made riskier and larger …
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Key events led to US agency’s lawsuit against former NJ Gov. Corzine over MF …
Washington Post
Oct. 31, 2011: MF Global files for bankruptcy protection after a $6.3 billion gamble on European debt turns into disaster. About $1.2 billion is found missing from accounts of clients including farmers and ranchers who expected the company to lower …
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Developments leading to US lawsuit against Corzine
San Jose Mercury News
June 27, 2013: The CFTC files a civil lawsuit against Corzine, seeking unspecified penalties and a ban on trading in the futures market; MF Global agreed to pay a $100 million penalty as part of a settlement. — April 22: The trustee in MF Global’s …
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