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UBS entity files bankruptcy avoids fraud trial

UBS entity files bankruptcy avoids fraud trial. Court wins by Midwest family business cause a bankruptcy filing by a UBS creation hours before a …

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UBS entity files bankruptcy avoids fraud trial. Court wins by Midwest family business cause a bankruptcy filing by a UBS creation hours before a …


PRLogFeb. 5, 2015HARTFORD, Conn.Re: Seven Trails West – Bankruptcy Court – District of Connecticut

Case No. 14-21820 (ASD)

John Guidry, et al. v. Seven Trails West, LLC, et al.

Case No. 4:12-CV-01652 (Fraudulent Transfer)

John Guidry, et al. v. Allegis Multifamily Trust, LP

Case No. 3:14-cv-617



A bankruptcy filing that claims no assets.

The case of the missing $25,000,000.

Below are excerpts of a letter sent the in December, 2014.

Honorable Trustee,

We need your help.

Two juries have spoken, multiple appeals have happened.

Our family pursued the American Dream.

Great facts, two juries found a UBS creation had taken our debt free, cash generating

Business and put our damages as of March, 2001 at $1,675,000

Wilkins, Vice President of UBS Realty, in a video deposition was asked, prior to the first trial in May of 2006, why?

Wilkins reply, “Because we wanted to”.

We were told by defendants, before we lost everything, our almost $400,000 investment and the annual income it provided to us, that, “you’re not big in the business, if you sue us we have deep pockets and we will bankrupt you, besides you’ll never get anything”.

They moved, admitted to moving over $25,000,000 in unencumbered funds, profit from their business operations, even though our case was pending.

UBS, used an entity that had no officers, no by laws, no annual meetings, just a shell

to insulate them from exposure for doing what they have done to us.

The $25,000,000 was used and certainly has returned a healthy profit over the last

Almost 15 years.

UBS prediction will come true if we do not have the right to seek a return of our investment value and the earnings we lost.

Justice is delivered by our Creator and those on earth tasked to it in material matters.

Filing a bankruptcy form and signing that there are no assets, is a fraudulent act.

Moving profits to avoid later payment to pending litigants is a fraud. No business existed after they, UBS extracted the $25,000,000 upon sale of their entities asset.

Our family has been exhausted by the cliche actions of those who said they would

bankrupt us if we sued.

Our family retirement value and income was assured as long as we were following the dream of starting with nothing and building a valuable business, we were proud of our success, not bad for someone from a family of ten children, you can do it in America!

Our only hope, it seems, is to appeal to you to allow us to proceed with our federal fraud suit.

Using UBS own investment results, our $1,675,000 would be worth over $11,000,000

in their worst performing vehicle and over $106,000,000 in their best since March, 2001.

Please allow us to achieve our American Dream.

Justice and the fruits of our faith in that dream come true.

Respectfully requested

John Guidry

(Full letter to available upon request. Contact: John Guidry 314-487-5867)


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