11 USC § 1514 – Notification to foreign creditors concerning a case under this title

(a) Whenever in a case under this title notice is to be given to creditors generally or to any class or category of creditors, such notice shall also be given to the known creditors generally, or to creditors in the notified class or category, that do not have addresses in the United States. The court may order that appropriate steps be taken with a view to notifying any creditor whose address is not yet known.
(b) Such notification to creditors with foreign addresses described in subsection (a) shall be given individually, unless the court considers that, under the circumstances, some other form of notification would be more appropriate. No letter or other formality is required.
(c) When a notification of commencement of a case is to be given to foreign creditors, such notification shall—
(1) indicate the time period for filing proofs of claim and specify the place for filing such proofs of claim;
(2) indicate whether secured creditors need to file proofs of claim; and
(3) contain any other information required to be included in such notification to creditors under this title and the orders of the court.
(d) Any rule of procedure or order of the court as to notice or the filing of a proof of claim shall provide such additional time to creditors with foreign addresses as is reasonable under the circumstances.